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Laminated Teeth (leaf porcelain)

It is a porcelain treatment applied only on the front surfaces without the need to cover all the teeth. In cases where there is color difference, deformity and perplexity in the teeth, lamination is also applied in cases where there is fracture, large fillings and gap in the front teeth.

Thin porcelain leaflets, which are adhered to the parts of the teeth that are in contact with the lips and cheeks, are called laminated teeth. In general, it can be applied without cutting the teeth or by roughening the teeth. Laminate Veneers allow them to pass the incoming light because they are very thin and do not contain metal, so they are close to natural tooth appearance. First, dental models are obtained with the dental measurements taken from the patients. The samples of leaf porcelains are made on these tooth models and shown to the patient. Thus, the patient can see how to get a result without any treatment on his teeth.

Leaf Porcelains (Laminated Teeth)

– For people with broken front teeth
-For people whose front surfaces of their teeth are worn with various factors.
-For people who are not satisfied with the color of their teeth
– For people who have dental misery and do not want to have orthodontic treatment
-For people with color changes due to large fillings on the front teeth
-For those with a gap between their teeth
-It can be applied to people whose upper teeth are never visible during the smile.

With this technique called leaf porcelain, we can make perfect color and texture compatible applications by removing only a small amount of material from the front surfaces of the teeth.

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