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Halitosis (bad breath) is the ugly smell in the breath that comes from the mouth or nose, disturbing both the person and those around him.

Bad bad smell negatively affects interpersonal communication, and it leads to the problems of social pressure, psychosocial stress and self-confidence. Even social and individual isolations can be seen due to this problem. After dental caries and periodontal diseases, the most common reason for applying to dentists is bad breath.

The causes of bad breath can be either pathological or physiological, or in some cases, both.

80-90% of pathological halitosis are from the mouth and 10-20% of them are out of the mouth. Gingival and mucous diseases, fungal and infections, tongue and tongue root layer (rust), reflux and postnasal (adenoid) discharge, implant and prosthesis in poor condition, dental caries and bad fillings, decreased saliva and dry mouth, oral cancers, cleft palate, tonsil (tonsil) diseases constitute the causes of mouth.

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