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Periodontology, also known as the treatment of gum disease, is the discipline that treats the diseases of the supporting tissues that hold the tooth (gingiva, jaw bone, tissues connecting the femur and adjacent tooth surface). Although gum disease is a disease that affects the majority of our society; It is an insidious disease with little knowledge about its cause, consequences and treatment.

How should a healthy gum look be?

The tooth should have a rose pink color and orange peel appearance.

  • There should be a regular gingival border that surrounds the teeth from the root and follows their contours.
  • There should be no redness, bloating and inflammation.

No bleeding should occur during normal brushing.

  • The diaper must be solid and hard.

The first sign of periodontal diseases is bleeding gums. In case of illness, the gums become red, swollen and shiny. Often these symptoms are accompanied by bad breath, itching and tenderness. Periodontal diseases can be seen at any age. Intraoral symptoms of some systemic diseases also help to diagnose diseases. Periodontal diseases are often painless. When the patient notices his illness, the job has reached the layoff stage, and individuals lose their teeth while they are healthy. The most important reason for this is that due to the loss of the tissues and bone around the tooth, the tooth is shaken and dropped as a result of not keeping the tooth in the mouth.

The aim of periodontal treatment is to ensure that the teeth that seem to be hopeless start to hold in the mouth with different treatment methods. Therefore, in order; oral hygiene education, calculus cleaning, root surface straightening, regenerative, reconstructive and mucogingival surgical procedures are performed. In addition, periodontal attempts are made to design a smile and for aesthetic purposes.

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