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A Beautiful Smile Can Change Your Life.

Smiling is the expression of happiness. “A beautiful smile”, which is an indispensable element of an aesthetic appearance, arises from the harmony of all the hard and soft tissues that make up the face.

Contemporary dentistry practices combine the most important components of a beautiful smile with many different clinical approaches that concern teeth, gums and tissues around the mouth.

In the smile design application, studies are made on tissues such as teeth, gums, lips and cheeks. First of all, if you want your teeth to look, your request is evaluated as speech and smile and if necessary, the gum is taken up. If the lips are too thin, they are restored with skin fillings.

When necessary, fine lines and muscles on the lip are arranged with botox. Then the teeth are redesigned as color, shape and form. These processes can be performed only with porcelain fillers and sometimes aesthetics are provided with prosthetic applications such as Zirconium and Lamina.

In addition, thanks to the digital design software we use in our clinic, we can measure your teeth and show you the final version of the procedure digitally before your operation. In this way, we obtain results that your satisfaction satisfies us in our study, where we are even more confident in its results.

Dental Residence is at your service with its equipment for smile design, laboratory support and experienced staff

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