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The success of the Implant Application is the beginning of a comfortable life.

Dental implants are used in many different areas, from all types of edentulous treatments to some orthodontic treatment approaches.

Implant, which is the most popular subject of dentistry, is a treatment option that forms the basis of highly successful and long-term solutions, especially in edentulous treatments. Implant applications, which many individuals approach with anxiety due to its surgical stage, are generally comfortable and treatments that do not affect daily life, contrary to what is expected.

The point to worry about is that, as noted by Periodontology and Implant expert Professor Jan Lindhe, who is respected by the world, there is an excessive use of implants and less preferred than natural teeth as a target of treatment.

Implant is a serious treatment process with stages that require great sensitivity from planning to application. It is not only a remedy, it is only an option.

Dental Residence is at your service with its evidence-based approach in implant-based treatments.

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