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Injuries occur as a result of direct or indirect impact on the mouth, teeth and support tissues. As a result of trauma, breakage, shaking, displacement and displacement of the teeth, injuries in the dental support tissues and fractures including jaws may occur.

Education and early intervention affect the success of the treatment in injuries, which is an emergency for oral health. In their daily work, dentists frequently encounter fractures caused by trauma to the anterior teeth.

Children can fall while playing games, running, cycling at school, and get hit on their faces or even their teeth. Depending on the severity of the fall, the damage caused by the impact also changes.

While a mild, blunt impulse causes damage to soft tissues (such as lips, gums), high-speed impacts can cause shaking in the teeth, tooth crowns (in the mouth part of the tooth) or root fractures, and sometimes tooth dislocation.

The time that the patient should go to the dentist should not exceed 1 hour. The tooth should never be stored in a dry environment such as wipes. It should be kept in milk, if possible.

In the post-traumatic examination, the dentist may have a radiography (dental x-ray) if it deems necessary.

Radiography is of great importance for the detection of damages that cannot be seen in the eye, especially the root fracture.

Most importantly, if the dislocated teeth are brought to the physician in a suitable environment on time, the dental cavity and tooth should be cleaned with great care, placed in place and fixed with other teeth, and the tooth should be allowed to boil again.

In such cases, sometimes canal treatment may be required, but most of the time the teeth will be regained if the applications are ideal and if the child is careful not to bring excessive pressure to this tooth for 1–2 months after this procedure.

Mouth Protectors: Mouth-protecting appliances are used to prevent breaks that may occur especially on the front teeth as a result of falling or hitting the ball, especially in children who play sports such as basketball and volleyball.

These appliances are made of plastic with an average thickness of 3 mm and cover the front teeth in particular, thus preventing the forces from being transmitted to the teeth whenever any impact occurs, and also preventing the teeth from breaking the jaw bones.

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