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It is in your hands to reflect the age you feel on your face …

A Little Touch… A Big Difference! The search for a younger, more attractive, more aesthetic face appearance is almost as old as human history.

Today, many different non-surgical or surgical-based cosmetic applications can provide solutions to people who are looking for a more beautiful face appearance. Like some of medicines specialties, dentistry can make an important contribution to a more beautiful face with its contemporary clinical applications.

A more beautiful smile, which is one of the basic features of a younger face, is one of the primary interests of dentistry. The application of blood products containing botox, dermal filler or platelet / growth factor is one of the leading examples of approaches to facial rejuvenation in dentistry.

According to recent studies, Botox can be applied not only in rejuvenation but also in joint disorders such as bruxism and in situations that disrupt your smile aesthetics like gummy smile.

Dental Residence is at your service with its medical consultation network, clinical products and applications for individuals who want to see a younger and aesthetic face in the mirror.

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