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It is a science formed by medical and surgical interventions for the treatment and solution of diseases, injuries and developmental disorders in soft and hard tissues in the mouth, teeth and chin areas.

Our clinic;

  • Tooth extraction
  • Embedded tooth extraction (20 years old tooth extraction)
  • Dental Implant application
  • Gingival aesthetics application with laser
  • Pericronitis treatment

  • PRF (Platelet-rich plasma) application processes are performe Embedded tooth extraction Teeth that cannot be driven by staying in the jaw bone for various reasons although it is time to apply is called “embedded teeth”. The most common buried teeth are teeth as 20 years old teeth. The reason for the 20-year-old teeth to be buried is that this tooth is no longer needed and therefore our jaws are getting smaller. For this reason, these teeth either remain completely in the bone or some of them remain in the bone and drive some of them. These teeth that are not lasting or half-worn can cause various problems. These are briefly; Inflammation in the surrounding gingival tissue (pericronitis)
  • 2. Caries or root resorption in molar teeth
  • Pain in the face, swelling, redness
  • Cyst formation
  • Perplexity due to pressure on other teeth
  • Fractures in the corner of the lower jaw bone

Problems with the jaw joint

As you can see, these teeth are a potential source of danger for other teeth and surrounding tissues.

In the extraction of embedded teeth; Depending on the position, shape and size of the tooth, the degree of difficulty of the process to be applied varies.

There may be a slight swelling, pain, and bleeding after a simple shot. Some complex shots that require more specific operations can also be applied.

The precautions to be taken by your dentist and the recommendations to be found minimize the possible side effects.

Gingival aesthetics application with laser

In aesthetic smile design, prosthetic dental treatments and treatments for some gum diseases, we may need to interfere with the gum.

Aesthetic dentistry is not only the form and color of the teeth, it is also important for us, aesthetics of the gums that we call pink aesthetics.

When the procedures related to the gums are laser, you have a more comfortable treatment and healing process.

What is PRF application?

Platelet-rich plasma application is a method that helps and speeds up the healing applied in recent years.
It is applied in some surgical procedures such as implants.

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