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Aesthetic dental treatment can be expressed in the form of raising this sequence to the highest standards while providing the most natural tooth alignment possible in a mouth. Aesthetic dentistry is simply the art of dentistry. The aim is to use the function in the best way together with aesthetic treatments.

Since an attractive smile is always the most important point in aesthetic procedures, the dentist does not only try to correct the aesthetic appearance of the patient. It also tries to increase its trust.

The effect of a beautiful smile on our overall facial aesthetics, happiness and image is very clear. The effect of smile on facial aesthetics has been accepted by the society. Increasing facial beauty is one of the primary needs of patients seeking selective dentistry service

Nowadays, more and more patients are looking for remedies for the correction of non-aesthetic anterior teeth. The development of ceramic and adhesive materials used in dentistry has enabled conservative dental preparations and restorative procedures that were previously unimaginable. This increases the satisfaction of both patients and physicians.

Aesthetic (white) fillings, zirconium crowns, laminates, inlay-onlays, canine tooth fillings and dental diamonds (crystals) are the applications performed in our clinic.

Zirconium Crown

In this system, zirconium alloy, which has a white color instead of metal, is used as the substructure. Although many things affect the appearance of crowns and bridges, the most important is their reaction to light. Because it transmits light like natural teeth, depth and vitality appear in the tooth. As a result, an aesthetic appearance can be obtained very close to the natural tooth with Zirconium. Laminate Veneer Crown (leaf porcelain

Laminate veneer is the most preferred treatment method for smile design. With this treatment method, it is possible to remove the separation between your teeth, coloration, abrasion and even perplexity.

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