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Removable prosthesis is divided into two in itself.
If the patient has lost all his teeth, he needs complete prosthesis.
If the patient has lost only part of his teeth, partial prosthesis called partial is needed.
In recent years, these prostheses are no longer the only chance of toothless mouths.

Implants placed in the jaw bone and dental prostheses prepared with the support of these now give patients a feeling of chewing with their own teeth and are therefore often preferred.

Another type of prosthesis used in partial tooth deficiency is the sensitive attachment prosthesis.
The retention of the prosthesis is ensured not with the crochets as in the partial prosthesis, but with male and female parts called sensitive connections.

These prostheses are superior to conventional partial dentures in terms of aesthetics, retention and health.
There are no metal clasps in the sensitive prostheses that disrupt the aesthetic appearanc

Deflex dentures
Deflex is a movable removable prosthesis type made of a semi-hard material applied by thermo-injection method.

The system has excellent aesthetic and functional properties thanks to the physical and chemical superiorities of the material used and the technical precision of the injection machine.

It has many advantages over older systems

These prostheses are light because they can be prepared very thinly.

-It allows the speech to be protected.
-It has maximum adhesion to the gums and palate thanks to the low poreity of the material.

Excellent semi-transparent feature of the material allows the texture color to be observed under it. Thus, the crochets made with deflex harmonize with the dental and gingival tissues and prevent the negative image of the metal crochets.

-It is resistant to falling and bumps under normal usage conditions thanks to its elasticity, it is not easily broken
-It does not irritate or allergy.
-Points to Consider When Using a Full or Partial Denture

  • Remove your prostheses after each meal and clean their inner and outer surfaces using a toothbrush + soap.

-You can use the tablets or solutions specially produced for prosthetic (denture) cleaning according to the manufacturers instructions.

If you have some teeth in your mouth, clean them with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

-When you remove your prostheses, keep them in a container full of water.
-Do not carry out any procedures such as abrasion or additional repair in your prosthesis without your dentists control. If you have any problems with your prosthesis, contact your dentist immediately.

  • Visit your dentist regularly every 6 months. These checks will help prevent future problems. Please note that your prostheses have a lifetime and need to be renewed at least 2, at most, every 4 years.

Otherwise, the adaptation of your prosthesis to your changing tissues will be impaired and there will be a chance of causing a fungal infection in your mouth.

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