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Fixed denture

The fixed prosthesis is for the prosthetic teeth that can be inserted into the mouth, cannot be removed and cannot be removed.

The patients tooth is used in fixed dentures. The patients tooth is cut, prepared, then closed and mounted on the patients mouth. It cannot be removed by any other way to be treated by the patient, it is fixed in place. Fixed prosthesis is made approximately daily. It should be visited by the dentist. The average lifespan of a fixed prosthesis varies from 5 years to 8 years. No matter how robust the fixed prosthesis is, it must be replaced during this time.

Crown proteins:

They are prostheses made of various materials that provide restoration in the appearance of mouth and teeth. In general, it is preferred in the presence of too much substance loss or different aesthetic expectations to fill the teeth.

Bridge prosthesis:

It is a prosthesis that passes to the jaw bone, which includes prostheses (tissues surrounding the tooth) and alveolar bone (bone surrounding the tooth in the presence of the tooth). This is because the teeth on both sides of the edentulous cavity are healthy.

Zirconium Infrastructures:

It can be applied in case of the application of classical metal supported bridge prosthesis with the use of the material called zirconium; It is now possible to make tooth color restorations without metal.

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