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Bruxism and joint disorders

Teeth grinding problem (bruxism), dentist and neurology, psychiatry is a problem that many branches are related to a certain level. If the cause of this condition is physiological, the dentist must first intervene. However, if this is due to a psychological picture, then together with psychiatry, dentists provide combined treatment.

The main purpose in teeth grinding treatment; to prevent permanent damage to the jaw joint in the teeth and to eliminate the pain that occurs. For this purpose, patients are made soft or hard night plates.

If the night plate, which is applied to the vast majority of patients, is used for 6 months continuously, this habit can disappear. In addition to the night plate, treatment with botox as a supplement can also have positive results. As a result of this very easy application, there is an effect period of 6 to 9 months. Unwanted contractions and uncontrolled teething can be eliminated due to the correct application of botox injection to the chewing muscle located at the lower part of the cheek.

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