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Canal treatment means removing the inflamed or dead tooth pulp from the root canals, causing the formation of pain, abscesses and cysts in the teeth, filling the cavity formed and filling it with a tissue-friendly substance that is not harmful to health.

The part of the vein and nerve package that provides the vitality of the tooth under the enamel and dentin layers of the tooth is called the pulp of the tooth. If the pulp is inflamed for any reason, the pulp of the tooth is removed, the ducts need to be cleaned and then filled.

Canal therapy should be performed in the presence of sensitive pain, cold pain, night pain, spontaneous (without factor) pain, abscess in the tooth, swelling, tooth fracture due to trauma, discoloration of teeth.

If canal treatment is not performed, pulp, which is the nerve tissue of the tooth, cannot heal itself in deep caries or deep tooth fractures and the tooth loses its vitality. The tooth, which loses its vitality, becomes the focus of infection. At this point, canal treatment should be done by the physician as soon as possible. If canal treatment is not performed, the infection can reach the tissues at the root tip and around it. It can cause inflammation in the jaw bone that surrounds the tooth root, leading to bone loss in that area. Canal treatment of teeth that have reached this stage may require longer and laborious procedures. In neglected cases, sad results can occur until the loss of the tooth.

Even if dental tissue is considered weaker than it does not have nutrition, it can remain in the mouth for a lifetime with a good restoration.

If the loss of substance of the tooth that is filled in the canal is too much, the process called fiber post can be performed to provide durability.

Fiber post It is placed on the tooth in order to get support from the roots of the tooth. The superstructure is then properly restored. In this way, your teeth will serve you for a long time.

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