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Orthodontics is a discipline of dentistry, where dental and jaw disorders, which are seen together with different shape and position disorders in the mouth due to both genetic and jettal reasons, are treated.

Although it was started to be made with aesthetic concerns at the beginning, the areas it covers have expanded today and has become a necessity in terms of both aesthetics, function and phonation.

All kinds of goods occlusion in your mouth have a balance. Orthodontics change this balance and establish a new and more accurate balance.

Situations that should not be late

Non-balanced face and jaw structure

Breathing through the mouth

Finger suction, nail biting, cheek and lip bite

  • Long bottle and pacifier sucking

Difficulty in chewing and speaking

Jaw structure positioned too far ahead or behind

-Front positioned teeth (bull)
-Suggested teeth or teeth positioned in the wrong place

Early or late losses of milk teeth

  • Lower and upper teeth do not touch at all or excessive contact

Did you know these?

The duration of orthodontic treatments is between 6 months and 36 months.

  • The time of getting used to the appliances (brackets) is 7-10 days.

Orthodontic treatments should definitely be done by an orthodontic specialist.

  • Active orthodontic treatments begin between the ages of 9-14.
  • The application sessions of orthodontic treatments are absolutely painless.
  • Transparent wires can be used instead of metal to have a more aesthetic smile during the treatment process.

If a good oral hygiene cannot be provided, tooth decay may occur with the accumulation of food residues around the brackets.

  • After the brackets are installed, all kinds of hard food that will cause breakage should be avoided.

We should not cut the food with the front teeth.
For those who do not like the appearance of the wires, there are also brackets that are attached to the inner surfaces of the teeth called Lingual technique or transparent.

However, with this technique, the treatment takes longer.
-If no reinforcement treatment is applied after orthodontic treatments, the teeth can be restored.

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