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It manifests itself before the herpes comes off (0-24 hours in advance); tingling, itching, burning, and tingling are felt.

This is followed by the redness and swelling of that area, and then the appearance of bubbles filled with fluid.

These bubbles hurt when talking, laughing, eating and drinking.
Over time, it dries up and cracks, leaks and becomes an ugly wound that opens up and distorts the image.

Herpes is contagious between its preliminary symptoms and the duration of open wound closure.

Towels, glasses, forks, spoons, etc. used by a person with a flight.
It is transmitted from articles and as a result of kissing the herpes.

The herpes virus (Herpes simplex) usually meets for the first time when young (0-5 years).
As a result of the “Loving” kiss of one of the family members who have a herpes, the herpes virus enters the body.

It often occurs in the form of small rashes that are not noticed; intraoral, gums and lips become infected.
But in some sensitive bodies, it can be seen as a serious infection.

The flight should not be touched. Hands should be washed very well if touched.
-Ladies should be especially careful when removing their makeup. The eyes should never be touched. Especially babies, children and other people should not be kissed.

Towels, glasses, forks, spoons, etc. used by the flying people. items must be separated and not allowed for others to use.
– The materials used while eating and drinking should not be shared especially with children.
– It should not be played with the shell of the tip and herpes sore. (While infecting the herpes virus on the fingers, other germs are infected on the herpes wound.)

After the herpes virus (Herpes simplex) enters the body and makes the first infection, it enters and enters the nerve node in that area, and this unwanted guest multiplies and becomes herpes when the body becomes weak.
-Stress Excessive fatigue, insomnia Extreme sunlight and UV rays Other infections The virus may become active in periods such as menstrual period and pregnancy.

Some substances and drugs have been used to reduce herpes discomfort:
Alcohol and antiseptic drugs prevent the development of bacterial infection on herpes Pain medications; Reduces pain caused by herpes. Apply ice;
Pain can be reduced However, antiviral herpes creams used in effective treatment today pass through the skin and affect herpes virus (Herpes simplex) and prevent them from damaging the skin.

Who are at particular risk?
– Frequent or prolonged herpes (For example, if the treatment continues for more than 10 days despite treatment)
– If the tip is in a baby or in a child younger than 6 years old
– Lips, mouth and nose circumference of the body areas outside your body, especially in your eyes, fingers or genitals
– If you have other complaints such as headache, fever and muscle pain with the tip
– If the tip is purulent in yellow color Medicines that suppress your immune system, for example if you are using cortisone medication you are under medical control due to weak immune system

(i.e. reduced ability to fight infectious diseases)

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