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Aphthae are quite painful ulcerated lesions in the mouth, often on the cheek and lip mucosa, on the tongue, on the soft palate, on the gum, surrounded by a pale yellow-red halo. A lot of research has been made to define the reason for the accruement of the Aft. However, although many factors that accelerate the formation of the aphtha and worsen its course, the reason for its occurrence could not be determined exactly.

Therefore, it is possible to talk about factors that accelerate the formation of aphtha and delay its healing.

Which factors are important in formation of aphta lesion?

Today, stress, which is accepted among the causes of many diseases such as migraine, high blood pressure and gastritis, is one of the most important reasons for the occurrence of aphtha. Premenstural tension (premenstrual period) in women is one of the factors that accelerate the formation of aphtha.
Will consume them;
Foods that can irritate the oral mucosa, such as citrus, vinegar, pickles, potato chips, salty and spicy cookies, are among the important factors that accelerate the formation of aphtha. In addition, they accelerate the formation of aphthae with food such as black wheat, rye, barley, chocolate, nuts, shellfish, soy, tomato, some eggplant, apple, fig, cheese, which may be allergic for some bodies.

Cheek tongue lip biting, irritation of hard foods, and soft tooth brushing procedures, and knocks caused by poorly adapted prostheses help to create a suitable base for aphtha.

Behçets Disease: Genital ulcer, conjunctivitis, is a disease that manifests itself with recurrent aphthae in the mouth, as well as many systemic symptoms.
Repetitive aphthae can be seen with many malignant and autoimmune diseases.

It is known that habits such as vitamin B12 and iron deficiency, smoking, tobacco chewing are also important factors contributing to aphtha formation.

To Reduce Pain and Shorten the Recovery Period:

  • Hot, acidic and irritating foods should be avoided.
  • A fine cream prepared from water and carbonate mixture can be applied on aphtae.
  • Gargle can be made three times a day with the solution obtained by adding half a spoon of salt to half a glass of water,
  • Intraoral creams such as “orabase”, “Gly-oxide”, “Cankaid”, “Ambesol” can be applied on the aphtha.
  • Gargling with the solution obtained by dissolving the “tetracycline” tablet in water, especially at the initial stage, prevents excessive growth of the aphtha and reduces pain.
  • “Chlorhexadine” mouthwashes shorten the healing period.

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