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Additions to the tooth to change the color or shape of the tooth, enlarge it or treat a defect are called “Adhesive System”, also known as “Bonding”. The materials used for this purpose are called “microphile agents” and they are attached to the outer surface of the natural tooth and the shape and color defects are easily removed.

Adhesive System (Bonding) is one of the most and recently applied preventive dentistry procedures. This process is carried out with the least amount of tooth loss.

Microphile agents have been obtained with the most advanced techniques and have almost the same features as the dental structure. Since it provides surface smoothness with polishing, its resistance against staining increases.

The most common problems that patients refer to the dentist after their pain complaints are that their teeth are not aesthetically pleasing.

People often complain of color, shape and form disorders of their teeth. Indeed, even if there is no loss of substance or caries in the teeth, we can encounter unpleasant situations in shape and color.

Very bad images may occur when the teeth gaps are too open or due to the fact that the milk teeth do not fall, and they are small and thin compared to other teeth.

It is possible to have an appearance close to nature, which can be applied at any age, cost less than orthodontic and prosthetic treatments.

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