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Dry mouth may occur due to a decrease in saliva flow rate. Drugs, head and neck radiotherapy and chemotherapeutic use used in later years due to the general systemic conditions of the patient are effective in decreasing saliva flow rate.

With the decrease of the amount of saliva, difficulty in swallowing and chewing of dry foods. Prosthetic scars can occur as the lubricating effect of saliva decreases. Bad breath, burning mouth and tongue are among the complaints that can be seen. Cracking and dryness of the lip edges are also symptoms. If the patient has his own teeth in the mouth, dental root surface caries and gingivitis are also encountered.

Treatment options:
For dental caries, use of toothpaste with high amount of fluoride after treatment, fluoride varnish applications can be recommended in 6-month controls and controls.

Measures such as the use of oral moisturizing solutions, sugar-free gum and lozenges, and artificial saliva can be taken to prevent dry mouth.

Oral Candidiasis (fungal formation in the mouth): Antifungal mouthwashes, antifungal ointments, lozenges may be recommended.

Prosthetic strokes: Soft lining materials used within the prosthesis will reduce the frequency of wound formation in the tissue.

It is possible to prevent this situation with irritations due to the use of the same prosthesis for many years, changes to be made in the removal of ulcerations and routine dentist controls.

With the advancement of age, teeth loss increases due to gum disease in individuals with oral care deficiency. It is possible to prevent tooth loss with Periodic Controls and oral care. Periodic checks and maintenance will also reduce caries.

Increased gingival recession occurs with advancing age. This causes sensitivity in the teeth. The patient is tried to be relieved by applying desensitizing treatments.

With aging, the incidence of systemic diseases increases. Deficiency in oral health and inflammatory conditions can also affect the course of systemic diseases. With early interventions and short appointments, it will be possible to protect oral health without exhausting patients.

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