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The first examination is not just an overview of the mouth and ordinary X-ray examinations.
The first examination is to meet, to listen, to evaluate and explain in all aspects.
Your first examination at Dental Residence is a process in which all the details about your oral and dental health are evaluated and you are informed about your diagnosis, medical evaluation requirements and individualized treatment options.


Does he/she listen to me? Does he/she care about my statements? Did he/she ask questions about my general health condition?
Did he/she perform a detailed dental / gum examination? Did he/she tell me about my diagnosis and treatment options in a way that I can understand?
When you are a guest of our clinic to be examined, the answer to these questions is yes, our first destination on the road with you is our first destination.
We consider the initial examination process as the basis of correct diagnosis, treatment and follow-up practices in correct communication and follow-up,
and we welcome you to our clinic to get to know, listen and inform you.

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